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Pleasant Valley Social Centre is seeking new members! In order to be eligable for membership of Pleasant Valley Social Centre you must live within the following boundies:
Up Rutherford Rd. to Hammond Bay Rd., to Brickyard Rd. Down Brickyard Rd to the beach. From Rutherford Rd., along the old highway to the railway crossing, down the railway to Godfrey Rd. Down Godfrey Rd. to Brannen Lake, south around the lakeshore to the south boundry of Lot 35. Following the west boundries of Lot 35, 52 and the centre line of Lot 46 to Aulds Rd. Eact along Aulds Rd. to westerly boundry of Lot 28 to Island Highway. Up the Island Highway to Dikinson Rd., down Dikinson Rd. to Lewis Rd. Along Lewis Rd. to Block 477 then down to the beach.

There is no fee to become a member:

To apply please contact us at

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have!

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